Xbox One's Kinect Camera Is Used By Ghost Hunters To Spot Spirits

Xbox One’s Kinect Camera Is Used By Ghost Hunters To Spot Spirits

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The Xbox One’s Kinect camera has become one of the favorite accessories of ghost hunters. According to paranormal enthusiasts, the accessory is able to spot the presence of a spirit in the room.

Launched in 2010, the Kinect camera allowed Xbox One players to play without a controller or any other peripheral. Similar to Sony’s EyeToy camera, it let players use their own body to move around the game and interact with elements.

To do this, it embeds a motion recognition system capable of identifying the gestures of the human body with depth sensors.

Despite undeniable assets, the Kinect camera was not successful. In October 2017, Microsoft finally announced the end of production of the accessory.

But the Kinect is not dead for all that. It is now popular with ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts.

The Kinect Has Become A Ghost Hunter’s Equipment

As seen in an investigation posted on YouTube by H3 Productions, many ghost hunters are actively using the Kinect camera to detect the presence of spirits.

In the video, a young woman named Linda, a famous ghost hunter, claims that the Xbox One accessory is quite capable of detecting the presence of a ghost through its sensor system.

A little digging on the web reveals many testimonies from paranormal enthusiasts who say the same thing. According to them, the Kinect assures that a new user has entered the field when there is no one in the room.

They attribute this strange malfunction to the presence of a ghost. According to the testimonies, the camera detects the shapes of bodies invisible to the naked eye.

“It can pick up paranormal activity such as spirits and ghosts and I think that’s absolutely fantastic” reads a Microsoft forum.

In an interview with IGN, a spirit hunter explains that sometimes an invisible player will start interacting with the interface.

“Another person has entered the game, and this invisible person actually uses the motion controller to operate the system as another player” testifies the supernatural lover.

She adds: “It is much easier to film a ghost with the Kinect device because it is clearly represented as a figure”. The ghost would indeed appear in a schematic form showing a skeleton.

By the way, Ghost Hunters Equipment, a specialist in equipment dedicated to ghost hunters, has been selling for several years a detection kit that includes a Kinect camera, a Windows tablet, audio equipment and infrared recording software for 399 dollars. Now you know what to do with that dusty Kinect sitting in your living room drawer.

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