Windows 11 Many PCs Are Now Compatible With The Update

Windows 11: Many PCs Are Now Compatible With The Update

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If you still couldn’t install Windows 11 until now, it’s time to try the upgrade again. Microsoft has indeed announced that its operating system is now compatible with a larger number of PCs. It should therefore appear in Windows Update.

Available since October 5th, Windows 11 is already present on 5% of PCs. A nice score that promises a great success for the operating system, but hides the fact that many users are still waiting to have access to the update. For many of them, the wait is now over, Microsoft announced.

“Windows 11 availability has been increased and we are leveraging our next-generation machine learning model to bring the update to an expanded set of eligible devices” the Redmond firm said.

“We recommend that you upgrade your devices to Windows 11 to take advantage of the latest features and advanced protections against security threats” it continued.

If you are one of those who did not have access to the upgrade this October 5, then it is better to take a tour in Windows Update to check if your PC is now compatible with Windows 11 or not.

However, some users will still have to be patient. Microsoft has previously explained that it will take until mid-2022 for all compatible Windows 10 PCs to install the operating system.

Many Users Now Have Access To Windows 11 

To get the upgrade via Windows Update, you will of course need to have the minimum configuration required by Microsoft. This implies having installed at least Windows 10 2004 as well as the September 2021 updates.

Also, let’s not forget the famous TPM 2.0 chip that has been in the news for the past few months. You can use the PC Health Check utility to check that your PC is compatible.

We have also written a complete guide to help you in your transition to Windows 11. Be aware that if your PC doesn’t meet Microsoft’s requirements, there is a backdoor way to install the update.

This is risky though, as Microsoft warns that support will not last forever. Finally, if you are planning to install Windows 11 on your gaming PC, we advise you to wait a little while, for the reasons explained in this article.

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