The Pixel 6 Magic Eraser Is Available on Older Pixel and Some Android Smartphones

The Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser Is Available on Older Pixel and Some Android Smartphones

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The Pixel 6 has been in the news a lot thanks to its magic eraser, a tool that can erase elements on a photo in the manner of Photoshop.

Thanks to an APK available on the web, it is possible to use this ultra-practical tool on all the other smartphones in the Pixel range as well as on some Android smartphones sold by other brands.

The Pixel 6 lineup stands out from the competition thanks to numerous software features boosted by artificial intelligence.

Among the best options developed by Google is the Magic Eraser. This Pixel 6-exclusive feature makes unwanted objects that appear in your photos disappear.

Directly integrated into the Google Photos application, this tool is particularly effective.

Thanks to Google’s artificial intelligence and algorithms, the application even automatically suggests unwanted elements (objects, people…) to be removed from your photos.

But, as we told you in our test of the Pixel 6 Pro, the magic eraser sometimes fails if the background of your photo is not homogeneous enough.

How To Get The Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser on Your Android Smartphone?

As reported by our colleagues from Android Police, an Internet user managed to export this feature to previous smartphones launched by Google.

The option is visibly integrated into the APK code of the Google Photos 5.64 application. It is not necessary to invest in a smartphone powered by Google’s Tensor chip to take advantage of it.

After installing this APK on their Pixel 4 or Pixel 5, many users have been able to delete elements on a photo with rather convincing results.

According to Mishaal Rahman, former editor-in-chief of XDA Developers, all you have to do to play with the magic eraser is to install the APK of the version of Google Photos dedicated to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

According to testimonials relayed by the media, even the computing power of a Pixel 4a is enough to get a proper rendering.

Pixel 3 XL users have also managed to use the tool. It seems that the Pixel 3a on the other hand is not able to enjoy the option.

Some Internet users have managed to use the eraser on an Android smartphone sold by a brand other than Google, such as a OnePlus 3.

Beware, there is no guarantee that the tool will work on all devices. Android Police has not managed to use the magic eraser on a ZenFone 8.

If you want to test it on your own phone, we invite you to install the Google Photos 5.64 APK.

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