Tesla’s Working On Batteries That Can Last Over 1500 Million KM

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Tesla may well offer a car battery capable of exceeding one and a half million kilometers in service life. At least that’s what the brand’s new technology suggests.

Will the Tesla of the future have a lifespan of more than one and a half million kilometres?

Jeff Dahn and his team, from Dalhousie University (Canada), are working in partnership with Tesla on the subject and are reporting encouraging results in the scientific journal Journal of Electrochemical Society.

This new patented technology involves a lithium-ion battery using an NMC 532 (Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt) cathode capable of withstanding up to 4000 minimum recharging cycles.

With it, Telsa could propose a small automotive revolution, while reducing its production costs to 100 dollars per kWh compared to 150 currently.

Tesla Could Be Moving Towards Complete Energy iIndependence

According to Electreck, the results are so encouraging that Tesla has already launched a pilot assembly line at its plant in Fremont, California.

It would already be at work designing these batteries for its sedentary units such as the Powerwall, PowerPack and Megapack.

These batteries could also be used in the Roadrunner project, a high-performance vehicle that the brand would be working on in secret.

Tesla works closely with Panasonic in the design of its batteries. But this new work by Professor Jeff Dahn on his behalf could give him energy independence.

Currently, the Tesla Model 3, Elon Musk’s latest car awaiting the Cybertruck, offers a range of 1,500 charge cycles before loss of power, equivalent to about 800,000 kilometers.

By offering a lifespan that can exceed 4,000 charge cycles, the company would take a big step forward in the field of electric cars in terms of innovation, and this at a time when Tesla is already number 1 in sales.

This is without counting on the various technologies offered in its vehicles, such as the Autopilot, which is regularly updated and now allows automatic stopping at red lights.

Tesla is expected to showcase this new battery technology at an event called Battery Day, which could be held later this month if current conditions allow.

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