Tesla Quietly Recalls Model 3 and Y For Suspension Problem

Tesla Quietly Recalls Model 3 and Y For Suspension Problem

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Tesla is currently recalling some Model 3s and Model Ys due to a suspension issue. That’s what several owners are saying on Reddit and other forums.

Only, one thing worries them: there is no official trace of the recall, either on Tesla’s website or on the NHTSA, the American authority in charge of road safety.

While the Sentinel Mode finally allows you to monitor your car from your smartphone, Tesla is obviously forced to recall vehicles for verification. This is what several Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners are saying on Reddit.

Indeed, they received an email from Tesla informing them that their vehicle could be affected by “the loosening of the front suspension side arm fasteners”.

According to the details of the manufacturer in this email, the Model 3 manufactured between January 2019 and April 2021 as well as the Model Y designed between March 2020 and June 2021 are likely to present the problem.

In its message, Tesla did not reveal how many vehicles were affected by this recall. Well, we can only call it a recall, since there is no official trace of this procedure on Tesla’s official website.

This is what worries the owners contacted by Tesla, especially since the recall is not mentioned on the website of the NHTSA, the American authority in charge of road safety on highways.

Indeed, each recall issued by a manufacturer is normally recorded and posted on the site of the institution. And in this case, nothing is reported.

Tesla Recalls Its Vehicles In A Silent Way

In fact, one can naturally wonder if the email in question actually comes from Tesla. However, the large number of testimonies about problems such as “high frequency noises, squeaks and creaks” in the suspension indicates that there is indeed a problem on some Model 3 and Model Y.

One thing is certain, this is not the first time Tesla has recalled its vehicles for suspension malfunctions.

Keith Leech, a retired engineer and computer scientist, has made a habit of highlighting “Whoompy Wheels”, an affectionate term he coined to describe the dozens and dozens of Tesla cars he’s spotted at the junkyard or auction for suspension problems.

In October 2020, a German driver got the scare of his life when a suspension on his Tesla Model 3 broke while he was speeding at 200 km/h on the highway.

Shortly after, Chinese authorities ordered the recall of 18,182 Model S and Model X units for rear and front suspension failures.

At the same time, Tesla admitted that a design problem caused the rear bumper of some cars to fall off.

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