Tesla Model S: Elon Musk Lied About The Real Battery Life Of Long Range Model

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At a meeting last week before an audience of investors and financial analysts, Elon Musk said that the results of the Tesla Model S Long Range EPA autonomy tests were below the actual autonomy. The accredited organization officially denied this.

In the United States, an agency has been approved to measure the range of electric cars.

It’s called EPA, which stands for Environmental Protection Agency, or agence pour la protection de l’environnement in French.

The tests conducted by this agency are set up so that it is possible to compare two models.

In addition to helping consumers choose their next car, the tests are also used by manufacturers to compare themselves with each other.

No one questions the objectivity of the EPA tests. No one except Elon Musk. The Tesla boss openly claimed that the latest tests carried out on his Tesla Model S Long Range.

Announced as the first electric car to reach the record 400-mile range, are not accurate, because the agency would have been, according to the carmaker’s boss, negligent. This is not the recently updated Model S Performance.

An 8 Mile Difference Explained By Elon Musk

Elon Musk made this statement at Tesla’s financial conference last week. He explained that his car reaches 400 miles, even though the EPA only measured 391 miles.

According to Musk, during Tesla’s official tests, the agency left one of the doors open overnight and the keys in the ignition.

As a result, Tesla would have gone into “driver standby” mode, a mode that consumes more batteries than a deep sleep mode.

According to the brand’s boss, this would have taken up 2% of the battery’s range. That is, potentially, 8 miles.

If you add the 8 miles to the 391 miles measured by the agency, you get, roughly speaking, the 400 miles announced by Elon Musk.

He announces that he wants to re-test after containment and assures that the Model S Long Range will reach (or exceed) 400 miles.

In a message sent to our colleagues at The Verge, the EPA denies the statements of the Tesla boss and confirms that the tests took place under the usual conditions.

The agency says it is ready to talk with Tesla, as it does with all other manufacturers following results below expectations.

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