Super Mario 64 For PC: Nintendo Already Wants To Make Internet Porting A Thing Of The Past

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For a few days now, a very successful adaptation of Super Mario 64 on PC has been circulating on the web.

The porting allows you to discover or rediscover the classic Nintendo 64 on Windows in 4K definition with the support of various PC controllers.

Nintendo didn’t wait long to unleash its arsenal of warfare. The company has received numerous complaints to make the game disappear from the web.

It has certainly not escaped you that a port of Super Mario 64 has been available on PC for a few days.

Using reverse-engineering techniques, some rather gifted fans have managed to create an adaptation of the cult game originally released for the Nintendo 64. There’s no need to use an emulator.

The entire game is available in Direct X 12 and can be played in different resolutions, including 4K at a 21:9 ratio. As a bonus, you can use a variety of PC controllers including the Xbox Elite Controller.

Unsurprisingly, Nintendo didn’t waste too much time reacting. The company is already trying to ring the end of the break. We knew it would happen, but the question was when.

More than any other company in the video game world, Big N is known for its determination to vigorously defend its intellectual property rights.

Nintendo 64 For PC: Nintendo Increases Porting Complaints

As the TorrentFreak site explains, several complaints have been filed against the PC port of Super Mario 64 by the American law firm Wildwood Law Group LLC.

This company is known to work with Nintendo in its efforts to fight against modding tools and any product that violates its intellectual property. Complaints have been made to Google and YouTube, among others.

In a document that TorrentFreak was able to obtain, the lawyers argue that “the reported file contains unauthorized derivative works based on a copyrighted work of Nintendo.

Videos on YouTube showing the game’s gameplay have since disappeared. Most discussion forums including Reddit have also removed links to the game’s executable.

The game has also started to disappear from file hosting sites where it could be found.

But Nintendo’s action hasn’t yet managed to completely bury the Super Mario 64 port.

At the time of writing, it’s still available for download on Google Drive, but probably not for much longer.

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