Squid Game Hackers Use Netflix Series To Steal Your Personal Data

Squid Game: Hackers Use Netflix Series To Steal Your Personal Data

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If there’s one series you should be afraid of cosplaying for Halloween, it’s Squid Game. The South Korean series has been a monumental success, reaching the list of the most watched Netflix series of all time in just one month.

Such a success is also an open door to all the bad ideas that bad people can have, as they have found a good way to use Squid Game for their dark purposes.

Squid Game: Beware of Malware

For those who don’t know, Squid Game is a South Korean Battle Royale series, which means that there are many characters at the beginning, and only one is left at the end. They have to play various deadly games to reach the podium.

With over 150 million Netflix subscribers having seen the series in less than a month, Halloween costume suppliers feared a costume shortage… which unfortunately ended up happening.

The famous green sportswear of the contestants as well as the red uniforms of the guards and especially the shoes have been out of stock for a long time. We spoke to you about it in detail in an article that you can find right here.

Unfortunately for all those who want to buy clothes from the series, we can only advise you to check the place where you buy your disguise.

Some clever people take advantage of this to create fake websites looking like online costume stores or drop shipping. These are only fronts whose purpose is actually to steal the bank details of those who place orders on them.

Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg, since some malware is hidden and much better. They are hidden on some smartphone applications.

Fortunately, these are regularly removed by Google and Android as soon as they are reported as dangerous.

However, we can only advise you to always be careful to check the origin of the site or products, the url of the latter as well as to use a good anti-virus and a VPN.

Squid game series
Squid game serie

Squid Game: Dangerous Malware on Your Phone

People always say to be very careful when surfing the Internet with a computer, but unfortunately they forget that some phone applications are also dangerous.

This is the case of one of them, named Squid Wallpaper 4K HD. This application was used to generate malicious advertising fraud and paid subscriptions by sms.

Translation: if you allow the application to access your data, it can make you see ads without launching it, or even automatically subscribe to certain services without your knowledge.

This known malware is called Joker, and it can be found in a lot of Squid Game related sites and applications lately.

Finally, there is another form of fraudulent file that has been spotted. These are spam mails, dealing with Squid Game and inviting you to go to a link.

This can for example invite you to participate in the shooting of the next season, to preview the next episodes or to test a mobile game dedicated to the series.

If you fall into the trap, a Trojan horse will come and feed on your cookies. Anyway, if you want to buy a product around Squid Game, we can warn you that the Funko Pop figure collection is available.

If you want to get one quickly, you can go to this article here. I promise, this one is 100% protected.

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