Samsung Partners With Google To Offer RCS On All Galaxy Smartphones

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Samsung is partnering with Google to enable RCS on its smartphones regardless of operators.

Like Google Messages, those who own a Galaxy smartphone will soon be able to take advantage of the RCS from Samsung Messages, which is currently not the case.

Announced several years ago, the RCS is taking time to become more democratic. The successor to SMS depends on several factors to work, including operators who have yet to activate it on their network. And for the moment, we are far from it.

Google, a strong supporter of the protocol, has found a way to speed things up by putting its own servers at the service of the RCS.

This bypasses the operators and allows rich messaging to be offered directly on Android smartphones through Google Messages (formerly Android Messages).

To use the RCS in France, it is therefore necessary to use the Google Messages application. It will take time for all manufacturers to activate the functionality on their default SMS application.

This is already the case at Samsung who announced the availability of the RCS in Samsung Messages a few months ago.

Only, the protocol only works if your operator’s network is compatible. This will soon no longer be necessary.

Samsung Messages: RCS Arrives on More Galaxy Smartphones

According to SamMobile, Samsung and Google have been working together for some time to enable RCS support on more Galaxy smartphones.

In other words, if you own a Samsung smartphone, the default SMS application will be RCS-enabled regardless of your carrier, which is still not the case so far.

This means you will no longer need to go through Google Messages to take advantage of the universal support of the protocol.

This news is necessarily excellent news since it is a further step towards the democratization of the RCS.

This protocol allows users to exchange messages that are much more dynamic than traditional SMS.

Through 4G networks or WiFi, you can transmit many multimedia file formats (images, videos, audio), send voice notes, access read confirmations, etc

Just like messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype.

For the time being, the fact that Google Messages is not installed by default on all Android smartphones is a barrier to the mass adoption of RCS.

This is expected to change as more manufacturers enable the protocol in their default SMS application. I can’t wait for them to follow Samsung’s lead.

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