PS5 Sony Fixes DualSense Controller Bug That Displays Empty Battery For Nothing
PS5 Sony Fixes DualSense Controller Bug That Displays Empty Battery For Nothing

PS5: Sony Fixes DualSense Controller Bug That Displays “Empty Battery” For Nothing

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The PS5 controller recently suffered a very annoying bug. While the DualSense is already suffering from the same drift issue as the Nintendo Switch.

One Reddit user noted that the battery shows as empty when it can still last for several hours. Sony has finally rolled out a patch on June 9, 2021.

Since the publication of this article, Sony has released the 21.01- firmware update for the PS5.

This update, which has a size 902.3 MB, fixes the problem mentioned by users on Reddit. The DualSense controller should now work properly.

We can imagine the disappointment of those who, after having fought hard to get a PS5, find themselves having to suffer from bugs that are at best annoying, at worst very disabling.

Sony’s console has indeed been the victim of several technical problems, most of which have been fixed after a few updates, while others remain. When they don’t appear from nowhere.

The DualSense controller, a little jewel of technology, is not spared by the phenomenon.

A few months after the launch of the PS5, gamers started noticing the same drift problem on the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con.

Now, we learn that this is not the only issue they have to deal with. One Reddit user mentioned a bug with the battery display.

PS5 Controller Shows Empty Battery While It Can Still Hold Longer

“I have been timing my gaming sessions over the past few days and have noticed when the PS5 was telling me the battery was low,” writes u/dospaquetes.

“Overall, there are about 11-12 hours of continuous battery life, and the PS5 told me when my controller’s battery started to run low after about six hours,

This was all done while playing mostly Returnal, which uses haptics a lot. I didn’t use a headset, as that would drain it a little faster”, he added.

While the battery of the controller has only been drained by half, it still alerts the player that it needs to be recharged.

A relatively benign problem, but one that can cause its owner to charge it more than necessary and therefore consume its life faster.

“One bar is still a ton of battery life left. If you turn the PS5 off and on again, the battery frequently displays two bars when it was only displaying one before the reboot,” says another user.

Reddit members have so far explored two leads for the source of the bug. One mentions the recent update of the controller, which brought the previously non-existent problem to his home.

The other points instead to the lithium composition of the battery, which makes it recharge better when its autonomy reaches 20-30%.

Let’s hope that Sony will quickly take the bug in hand so that we get a definitive answer.

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