PS5 Slight Delay in PS4 Sales Due To Global Semiconductor Shortage

PS5: Slight Delay in Sales Due To Global Semiconductor Shortage

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13.4 million PS5 versus 13.5 million PS4

Sony has announced that it has sold 3.3 million PS5s in the last quarter (between July and September), which represents a total of 13.4 million consoles sold worldwide after ten months on the market.

If this is a little less than the PS4 during the same period (13.5 million sales), this can be explained by the selling price of the PS5 (lower than its manufacturing cost), the drop in sales of first party games (7.6 million compared to 12.8 million last year) and, of course, the restocking of stocks.

Despite this, the Japanese manufacturer still hopes to distribute at least 14.8 million PS5s during the fiscal year, which implies selling 9.2 million additional machines between October 2021 and March 2022.

It should be noted that the PS4 is almost not selling anymore (200,000 consoles distributed last quarter for a total of 116.6 million), it would be time to officialize a price drop to take advantage of a final boost in sales.

With sales of 4.9 billion euros (a new record for the July-September period) and an operating profit of 628 million euros (compared to 800 million euros last year),

Sony Interactive Entertainment has achieved a more than respectable financial balance sheet, which allows it to continue to be the division that represents the most important revenues of the parent company.

As a result, the annual target for March 31, 2022 remains unchanged, as SIE is aiming for sales of 22 billion euros (the best performance in its history) and an operating profit of 2.4 billion euros (the second best performance in its history).

Moreover, Sony Group Corporation has raised its target and now expects sales of 75 billion euros, operating profit of 7.9 billion euros and net profit of 5.5 billion  euros.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Its New Figures

  • Game sales represented 2.6 billion euros in revenues compared to 2.5 billion euros last year
  • Boxed game sales represented 212 million euros compared to 956 million euros for downloadable games
  • 76.4 million PS5 and PS4 games sold in the July-September quarter, including 7.6 million PlayStation Studios games
  • 1.4 billion euros for sales of additional content and microtransactions
  • The ratio of games sold via download is 62%.
  • 47.2 million PlayStation Plus subscribers compared to 45.9 million at the same stage last year
  • Total number of active PlayStation Network users is down: 104 million versus 108 million last year
  • PlayStation users’ play time down 17%: a rebound is expected with the release of many big titles in the next six months of the fiscal year, including Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7
  • 16 PlayStation Studios with recent acquisitions, 20% increase in developers: aggressive new investments planned to increase development capacity

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