Oppo Warns 40W Wireless Charging Degrades Smartphone Batteries

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Oppo warns users that the 40-watt wireless fast charge quickly degrades smartphone batteries.

Unsurprisingly, this technology damages a phone’s battery faster than a conventional 15-watt induction charge.

The recharge developed by Oppo therefore gradually reduces the battery life of the devices.

Last April, Oppo lifted the veil on the Oppo Ace 2. In addition to its 90 Hz OLED display and the quadruple 48 megapixel photo sensor.

The smartphone stands out from the competition above all thanks to its 40W wireless charging system, the AirVOOC.

Why Does The 40W Charing Damage The Battery of Smartphones?

According to information obtained by Andrei Frumusanu, a journalist at AnandTech, this induction charging technology damages the battery of phones.

“Oppo has confirmed that 40W charging degrades the battery to 70% of its capacity while 15W charging degrades the battery to only 90%,” the journalist said on Twitter.

Regular use of 40W wireless charging therefore quickly degrades the maximum charge capacity of a battery.

In concrete terms, the real autonomy of the smartphone will drop more quickly than in the case of a classic quick recharge, limited to 15W.

In detail, rapid induction charging increases the internal heat of the terminal placed on the base. This accumulation of heat degrades the battery cells.

Nevertheless, it should be remembered that any charging technology contributes to degrading the battery of our smartphones.

However, it is known that an induction charge, even 15W charging, rather than wired charging accelerates the degradation process of the battery.

This is not only true for the 40W recharge developed by Oppo. All devices with fast wireless charging technology, such as the Huawei P40 Pro+, Xiaomi Mi 10, OnePlus 8 Pro or Oppo Find X2 Pro, are affected by this problem.

However, we can imagine that the 30W wireless charging of the OnePlus, Xiaomi or Oppo degrades the batteries more slowly than the AirVOOC 40W.

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