OnePlus Z: The Company Relies On The Snapdragon 765 Instead Of MediaTek Dimensity 1000

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The OnePlus Z, the mid-range smartphone also known as the OnePlus 8 Lite, is said to be powered by the SoC Snapdragon 765, one informant revealed.

True to Qualcomm, OnePlus would have finally decided to do without the MediaTek Dimensity 1000.

This Friday, May 1st, 2020, Max.J, a renowned leaker, once again talked about the OnePlus Z, the next middleweight smartphone of the brand.

The man unveiled a schematic showing a phone with a perforated screen. In the middle of the picture is an insert called “765”. On the left, Max.J. also mentions the 5G.

The OnePlus Z Is Also 5G Compatible

According to Max.J’s information, the OnePlus Z would therefore be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC.

However, according to the latest news, the smartphone was supposed to be based on MediaTek’s SoC Dimensity 1000 with 8 GB RAM.

Ishan Agarwal, the Indian leaker who mentioned the Mediatek chipset several months ago, says that OnePlus’ plans have changed along the way.

In the end, OnePlus decided to stay loyal to Qualcomm. The brand’s smartphones have always relied on chipsets from the American foundry.

Thanks to the Snapdragon 765, a SoC reserved for mid-range devices, the OnePlus Z would also be compatible with the 5G network. The chipset comes with an integrated X52 5G modem.

Manufacturers are even obliged to include this modem with the SoC. Like OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, OnePlus Z will therefore benefit from 5G.

As a reminder, OnePlus is expected to introduce OnePlus Z in July 2020. The latest news is that it will be equipped with a triple photo sensor (including the ToF sensor) on the back and a fingerprint reader hidden under the screen.

We’ll tell you more as soon as we can. While waiting for more information, feel free to give your opinion on the OnePlus Z in the comments below.

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