MSN is on Its Way To Become The Biggest News Site

MSN is on Its Way To Become The Biggest News Site

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According to recent data, MSN is becoming the king of news on the Internet. Among English-language sites, it is second only to the BBC, which it is about to overtake. It is also one of the few sites to have seen an increase in traffic this year.

If we talk to you about news website, chances are that your first thought is not for MSN. However, MSN is far from being the ugly duckling of the world.

In fact, it is not only very popular with Internet users, it is also becoming the most popular of all. This is what SimilarWeb’s study, which analyzed the traffic of English-speaking news sites, reveals.

Last month, MSN recorded 960.5 million visits, a 5% increase compared to September. It is one of the few sites that can boast such a performance.

This data is even more striking when compared over the year. MSN’s traffic has increased by 14.2% since 2020. Along with Yahoo! Finance, it is the only one that has not seen its number of visits drop.

MSN Will Soon Be More Popular Than BBC

As a result, it overtook CNN at the beginning of the year, and is now taking on BBC, which it is about to overtake.

If the traffic of its competitor continues to fall as it has been doing for months, it is only a matter of time before MSN becomes the undisputed leader of news on the Internet.

A place that could nevertheless be challenged. Indeed, MSN is more a curator than a real news site.

By signing partnerships with the New York Times, the Washington Post or the Guardian, Microsoft ensures to post the most popular articles, videos and photos of the moment on the web.

And this is only a tiny part of the content it has access to. In total, more than 3000 brands appear on the site, generating millions of dollars in revenue.

Credits SimilarWeb
Credits SimilarWeb

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