MacBook ARM: Apple Will Gradually Abandon Intel In 2021

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After years of rumors, Apple would prepare its first MacBook with an ARM processor by 2021. Apple Inside?

For several years now, Apple has been designing its own processors for its iPad and iPhone, but also for other devices (the AirPods or the Apple Watch for example).

On the iPad in particular, the firm no longer hesitates to compare its chips with the processor of a game console, or with the processors of its computers.

And will Apple swap the Intel processors of its MacBooks for ARM chips, yes or no? Microsoft has already led the way with a version of Windows 10 adapted to Qualcomm’s chips.

At Apple, the project seems to be well under way, and there was already talk of it in 2017.


More recently, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted a complete overhaul of the MacBook by mid 2021. This would notably allow Apple to make its MacBook compatible with 4G and 5G networks.

Bloomberg and the specialized journalist Mark Gurman are now adding their own sources, yes the project is still active, and its development is progressing well.

Specifically, the media estimates that Apple will begin marketing its first Mac equipped with an Apple processor by 2021.

The firm would develop three processors, within the Kalamata project, based on the Apple A14 that will equip the iPhone 12. TSMC would once again be in charge of mass-producing these processors with its 5nm production technology.

The brand would even have begun the design of the next generation of processors, based on the iPhone chip planned for 2021.

This transition should take place gradually, starting with the most portable MacBook. Apple will indeed have to adapt MacOS to this new architecture and make sure that the software is compatible.

According to many rumors, Apple was due to start unveiling its plans to developers at WWDC 2020. The event has since been transformed to be available only in streaming.

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