Mac Pro: YouTubers Bought Its Wheels at $700 To Turn It Into (BETTER) Skateboard

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The Mac Pro’s wheels, sold after purchase for the trivial sum of $700, continue to inspire wacky YouTube videos.

After a first confined unboxing of Unbox Therapy, as solemn as it is hilarious, the same channel does it again with its version of “Skate Pro”.

Quickly followed by another YouTubeur who decided to edit them on a real skateboard.

Ah, the Mac Pro, its price, and that of its accessories… There’s probably not much to say about the tower, as long as you set it up in configuration.

Indeed, several price analyses show that the quality of the case, the components, and the engineering dedicated simply to making it ultra-quiet, even at full speed, make it a serious option for some professional customers.

Especially in music production since the tower can handle countless tracks, effects, and virtual instruments without disturbing the recording.

But also, for example, in video production, thanks to its Afterburner card which speeds up the rendering in software widely used by the industry such as Final Cut Pro X.

Let’s be clear, it is possible to build a PC tower with components as powerful or even more powerful for less than a similar configuration on Mac Pro.

But power isn’t everything, and taken together, the above-mentioned elements, plus the MacOS ecosystem and its applications, are a real reason for some professionals to buy. The machine isn’t really intended for the general public anyway.

The Wheels of the Mac Pro, Stronger Than The Stand of the Apple Pro Display XDR

There are, however, a few reasons to choke on some of the rates charged by the firm.

The Apple Pro Display XDR recommended for the machine, has a price which can compare favorably with certain professional monitors competitors clearly more expensive.

But its stand, essential to use it if you don’t choose another third-party solution, is sold at the “hallucinating” price of 1099 € (note that Apple also sells a VESA mounting solution for 229 €).

And yet, even this excess doesn’t seem like much compared to the price of the Mac Pro’s wheels.

By default, the Mac Pro comes without wheels, but you can include them when you buy it for the modest sum of €500.

However, if you don’t include them at the time of purchase, it is still possible to install the wheels afterwards.

However, this costs $700: Apple indeed charges a modification of the chassis necessary to be able to connect them on its feet. Charged extra.

We’ll pass on the usefulness of these wheels on a machine like the Mac Pro. Indeed, you have to realize that the computer is imposing, and should, like any tower worthy of the name, stay permanently in the same place connected to a whole series of cables.

The interest of putting wheels on it is therefore very limited. And you can imagine that Apple won’t be selling that many anyway.

This may partly explain their prohibitive price. In addition, the design of these wheels seems unnecessarily complex for such a use case.

Wheels… Useless? How About A Skateboard?

They have two very smooth (and therefore silent, which is the real leitmotiv of this machine) rolling parts, which allows them to turn in very tight angles without flinching.

They are connected to the foot of the machine via another joint which is also very soft and silent, allowing the wheels to rotate freely at 360 degrees. So why not, but nothing to justify the price of almost two iPhone SE (489 €).

Still, it’s a lot of fun for youtubers. Last week we showed you a hilarious unboxing of the wheels by Unbox Therapy.

Unbox Therapy is back on the wheels of the Mac Pro in a new video in which he tries to make it… a skateboard.

To do so, he used the front part of a case whose design copies the Mac Pro’s one. The result, assembled with the means of the board (containment) is … functional. Well almost as you will see in the video at the end of the article.

So the Youtube Braille Skateboarding channel decided to build its own “Skate Pro” by integrating the wheels on a real board.

If the result looks more like a real skateboard, we have to admit that these too expensive wheels that turn 360 degrees make the object particularly dangerous. A skate for the real “Pro”?

We let you judge in these two videos:

YouTube video
YouTube video

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