iPhone 12: News And Leaks

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Apple has just put the iPhone 11 on the market and rumors are already circulating about the next generation iPhone.

In this article, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest rumors until the final release of the iPhone 12 next year.

One thing is clear: Apple started working on the iPhone 12 long before the introduction of the iPhone 11. Normally, Apple begins development of a new product 3 to 5 years before its release.

During this time, the components, features, designs and materials that make up the final iPhone are gradually developed, tested and finally assembled into the final smartphone.

The Pricing

Apple will launch the new iPhone 12 in a few months. Currently regarded as the most reliable informant on Apple products,

YouTuber Jon Prosser has just published a video in which he provides all the prices, models and features of the iPhone 12.

The prices being calculated in dollars, here is the estimate in euros of this future device of our German colleague of giga.

It is based on the taxes, customs duties and operational costs that Apple recently had to pay for its new iPhone SE.

Of course, the price may vary depending on the evolution of the telephony market and the impact of the economic crisis linked to COVID-19.

As a reminder, some experts estimate that there will be inflation on all products imported into the euro zone in the future.

The exchange rate between the Euro and the Dollar will certainly fluctuate in the coming months.

  • iPhone 12  with 5.4″ display: 4GB RAM, A14 Processor, 5G, Dual Camera

128 GB: $649 or about 779 euros
256 Gb: 749 $ or about 889 euros

  • iPhone 12 Max with 6.1-inch screen: 4GB RAM, A14 Processor, 5G, dual camera

128 GB: 749 $ or about 889 euros
256 Gb: 849$ or about 1019 euros

  • iPhone 12 Pro with 6.1-inch screen: 6GB RAM, A14 Processor, 5G, Triple Camera with Lidar

128 GB: $999 or about 1199 euros
256 Gb: 1199 $ or about 1309 euros
512 Gb: 1299 $ or about 1559 euros

  • iPhone 12 Pro with 6.7-inch screen: 6GB RAM, A14 Processor, 5G, Triple Camera with Lidar

128 Gb: 1099 $ or about 1319 euros
256 Gb: 1199 $ or about 1439 euros
512 Gb: 1399 $ or about 1679 euros

iPhone 12: 3 Screen Sizes on The Program

The first rumours about screen sizes appeared earlier this year, claiming that Apple would equip the iPhone with 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens by 2020.

This information comes from the pen of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is considered a very reliable source in the Apple scene.

Kuo not only talks about screen sizes, but also predicts that all three models will be based on OLED panels.

Kuo did not mention whether the notch is still necessary for the very complex technology of FaceID cameras.

However, a prototype of an iPhone that does not have a notch already exists. Based on this very bold rumor,

the first images posted on Twitter by @BenGeskin are already circulating about the possibility of a new adaptation of the FaceID technology in the upper edge of the screen.

It is not an official document, but only a presumption of a creator. This information should therefore be taken with caution.

iPhone 12: A Design Inspired by The iPhone 4?

Let’s go back to the analyst Kuo. This week, he gave a small overview of the design of the iPhone 12.

According to Kuo, the three iPhone 2020s will have a redesigned metal structure. Instead of the rounded frame, the iPhone 12 should have a flat, angled metal frame.

It should be more reminiscent of the iPhone 4, which was introduced in 2010 by Steve Jobs at the WWDC keynote.

YouTube video

Thus, the design of the iPhone 12 models could be very close to the conceptual images that @BenGeskin recently shared via Twitter.

An iPhone 12 with 5G?

Even though Apple develops many chips that are integrated in the iPhone itself and has them produced by special manufacturers,

there are still some components that Apple has had to buy so far. The modem has long been one of these components.

In the past, there have been many disputes between modem suppliers Qualcomm and Apple, but these are now a thing of the past and with the acquisition of Intel’s Modem Division.

Apple now has the know-how to develop and produce its own modem chips for the future iPhone. When the acquisition was announced,

it was assumed that the iPhone 2020s would be shipped without 5G modems, but Kuo now assumes that all iPhone 12 models will be equipped with 5G modems.

However, whether these modems will come from Apple’s new Modems division or will still be purchased from Qualcomm, Kuo does not yet know.

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