iOS 15 Apple Wants To Convert Android Users by Improving The Move to iOS App
iOS 15 Apple Wants To Convert Android Users by Improving The Move to iOS App

iOS 15: Apple Wants To Convert Android Users By Improving The “Move To iOS” App

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In addition to the announcement of iOS 15, Apple has also made changes to its “Move to iOS” app on Android. This one is designed to help users transfer their data to an iPhone.

Whether you want to switch from an iPhone to an Android smartphone or vice versa, the migration process is often quite simple.

To make the switch to iOS easier for Android users, Apple introduced the Move to iOS app in 2015.

This can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, and until now allowed you to transfer a certain amount of data.

Indeed, users wanting to migrate to iOS could easily transfer their contacts, message history, photos and videos, web bookmarks, email account information, calendars, DRM-free songs or wallpapers.

However, with the arrival of iOS 15, Apple has taken advantage of this new generation to improve its application.

Move To iOS Will Become More Convenient

The “Move to iOS” app will get new features when iOS 15 is released this fall, in hopes of converting even more Android smartphone users.

Indeed, the app is now able to transfer photo albums, files, folders and accessibility settings from their Android devices to their new iPhones.

Apple’s devices will therefore be configured more quickly as their old Android smartphones were.

Apple is also making it easier to download the Move to iOS app. The company has set up a QR code that Android users can scan to access the download link on the Google Play Store.

Despite Apple’s efforts to convert Android users, the American giant has mostly seen its fan base drop. In fact, nearly 26% of iPhone users migrated to Android in 2020.

For now, iOS 15 is only available in beta. The “Move to iOS” app changes haven’t rolled out yet, but they should be available to everyone when iOS 15 is released this fall.

Will these new features convince you to switch to Apple?

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