Hummer: Like A Phoenix, The Brand Would Rise From Its Ashes With Electric Pick-Ups And SUVs

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General Motors would have the ambition to resurrect its famous Hummer brand through a 100% electric range of pick-up trucks and SUVs. The first vehicles could be on the market by 2022.

Flash back: in 1998, automotive giant General Motors set its sights on the Hummer brand, which created the H1, a sports utility vehicle inspired by the Humvee military all-terrain vehicle.

A little over ten years later – in 2009 – the manufacturer went bankrupt and stopped selling its favourite from the previous decade. Since then, Hummer has been at a standstill.


But not for long. Because according to the persistent rumours of the past few months, GM is planning to relaunch its brand.

And with the way, please: an all-electric lineup would indeed be the future Hummer offering, which would be stamped “Hummer by GMC,” according to Automotive News and Bloomberg columns.

For the occasion, the US firm would launch a series of zero-emission pickup trucks and SUVs, which today constitute the heart of American automotive culture.

The group plans to mark the occasion by announcing its comeback through an ad to be aired during the SuperBowl LIV, held at Hard Rock Stadium (Miami, Florida) on February 2, 2020. With NBA star LeBron James as the main muse.


According to sources close to the case cited by Automotive News, the Detroit-Hamtramck (Michigan) plant, with an investment of three billion dollars, would oversee the production of four electric vehicles by 2023.

A first pick-up truck would even be expected in the year 2022. This is enough to restore the image of Hummer, whose old internal combustion engines were particularly renowned for their gargantuan fuel consumption.

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