Huawei’s Tricks: New P30 Pro Comes With Google Services

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Huawei has recently introduced a new P40 series including the P40 Lite and P40 . During our tests, the new smartphones were convincing thanks to a very good camera.

However, the lack of Google services was a major drawback. Could the re-release of the classic P30 Pro help Huawei overcome its difficulties?

The Huawei P40 is only the second smartphone that the manufacturer offers without Google services.

Despite the good quality of the hardware, this factor seems to be holding back purchases from many consumers. Editing an old classic could help.

Huawei has just announced a new edition of the Huawei P30 Pro as part of the “Sounds Genius” campaign. The device should be released on May 15th.

Huawei P30 Pro New Edition

As part of its “Sounds Genius” campaign, Huawei announces that you will receive either a mini speaker or the FreeBuds 3 with every device purchased. The news was announced on the brand’s German Twitter.

The link given by the Chinese manufacturer mentions the promotion which confirms that the new edition of the P30 Pro will be available on the date indicated above.

Google Services Back In Smartphones With New Edition

Although the Chinese manufacturer is developing some pretty good devices, as our tests of the Huawei P40 range have shown, they can hardly compete on the international market.

The lack of Google services and applications prevents many users from making a purchase. While new devices are affected by the US ban, a different rule applies to new editions.

They can continue to run Google services as long as the changes are not too significant.

This would allow Huawei to circumvent this thorny issue and continue to deliver sophisticated devices to its customers.

It is not yet known how much will change in the new version. However, the P30 Lite, which Huawei already launched in January, could serve as a model.

It has remained faithful to the old design, but has been equipped with more internal memory and RAM.

In addition, the front camera has been improved and users have discovered new colour variations.

The question is whether Huawei will be able to carry out this trick in the long term.

But at least the company could sell a few more devices again as long as it remains dependent on Google services.

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