Huawei About To Replace Windows 10 By HarmonyOS 2.0 In Its PCs

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Huawei will replace Windows 10 by HarmonyOS 2.0 very soon. The manufacturer’s operating system could be launched on the Chinese market, in home PCs.

In August 2019, Huawei unveiled HarmonyOs, a brand new operating system developed to replace Android but not only.

Indeed, this OS is also compatible with all the brand’s devices: connected TV, watches and connected objects, tablets, smartphones and PCs.

Already in September 2019, Peter Gauden, Huawei’s international product manager, ensured that the brand was preparing laptops with HarmonyOS in case of problems with Microsoft and the inability to use Windows.

This Saturday, May 2, 2020, a well-known leaker has just published several interesting information on the subject on Weibo.

According to Changan Digital Jun, Huawei is about to enter the Chinese home computing market, for individuals in other words.

These PCs could embark HarmonyOS 2.0, which confirms the statements of the firm last year.

The informant said that several Chinese provinces are currently working with Huawei to set up a production line for these PCs.

This is a key element for the company, which wishes to be independent in its production capacities.

As a reminder, Huawei had unveiled the roadmap of the various updates of HarmonyOS at the Huawei Developer Conference 2019 (HDC) last summer.

HarmonyOS Goes On

The year 2020 sees HarmonyOS going from version 1.0 to 2.0. This step marks a turning point for Huawei, as it indicates that the brand is ready to integrate its OS on home PCs, connected watches and bracelets, as well as interfaces for connected vehicles.

HarmonyOS will become compatible with a growing number of devices until 2022, with a planned implementation in RV headsets.

In addition, these Huawei-stamped PCs could benefit from the Kunpeng 920 desktop card, which already equips some business IT solutions.

When the Huawei Kunpeng Desktop Board was introduced in 2019, its specifications surprised business users. See for yourself:

  • Processor: Kunpeng 920 Processor with 4/8 cores clocked at 2.6 GHz
  • Internal storage: 6 SATA 3.0 hard disk interfaces, 2 SSD M.2 slots
  • Memory: 4 UDIMM DDR4-2400 slots, up to 64 GB
  • PCIe expansion: 1 PCIe 3.0 x 16, PCIe 3.0 x4 and 1 PCIe 3.0 x1 slot
  • LAN port: 2 LAN network cards, supporting GE network ports or optical ports
  • USB: 4 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0

Unsurprisingly, we’ll have to wait for a potential HDC 2020 to get more information on Huawei’s IT projects.

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