Here's Why iPads Are Going To Be Limited in Availability

Here’s Why iPads Are Going To Be Limited in Availability

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Apple is now facing a component shortage. The Cupertino firm is forced to make choices.

This has been an industry-wide problem for over a year, but until now, Apple’s huge orders and competitive edge had somehow allowed it to avoid massive stock-outs.

That’s over and Apple now has to make choices. The iPad should be the one to be sacrificied.

Priority Shoud Go To The iPhone 13 Series

It is Reuters that informs us that Apple has put iPad production on hold to allocate more components to the iPhone 13.

The news agency also reports that iPad production has already halved over the past two months, compared to Apple’s forecasts.

Among the iPads that are expected to suffer from this decision, we think especially of the recently launched iPad mini 6, which shares the same Apple A15 Bionic SoC as the iPhone 13.

Older iPhone models will also suffer. Apple would have redirected the distribution of some components in common to the iPhone 13 to best maintain stocks at the global level.

The onset of the pandemic had caused a large increase in iPad and PC sales.Apple’s forecasts are now revising iPad sales downwards, while iPhone sales are still going strong. So we understand the firm’s decision.

But the iPad can be a very nice gift for the holidays. It may be very difficult to find one in the coming weeks.

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