Google Stadia Pro Here is The List of Games Offered in November 2021

Google Stadia Pro: Here is The List of Games Offered in November 2021

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Google has unveiled the list of games available for free to Pro subscribers on its cloud gaming service Stadia. Among them, we find famous titles like Saint Row IV or DIRT 5.

Starting today, players with a Google Stadia Pro subscription can claim 4 games for free on the cloud gaming platform.

After having offered excellent games like Mafia III Definitive Edition, Hello Engineer or Control Ultimate Edition in October, Google allows its subscribers to rediscover a mythical game: Saint Row IV.

Saint Row IV is the first game offered for the month of November. Released in 2013, it is an open-world GTA-like with third-person shooter elements in which the player will be able to explore the fictional city of Steelport while fighting against an alien invasion.

To do this, you’ll have access to original weapons, to say the least, and even superpowers.

Stadia 5 Pro Subscribers Get The Recent Dirt 5 Rally Game

The second game offered is none other than DIRT 5, which was released on next-gen consoles last year.

It’s not a very advanced rally simulation as there’s a strong arcade feel to it, but Dirt 5 still features environments and weather conditions that affect the handling and steering of your car.

The last two games offered in November are Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator and Kemono Heroes.

The first one plunges you into the world of wine making, you are the head of a vineyard and the goal is to develop your exploitation.

The second one is a platform game in the run and gun category, which proposes a Japanese medieval universe with animals.

In addition to these 4 new free games of November, Stadia now allows all its users to test games for free for 30 minutes, whether they are Pro subscribers or not.

The first to be part of this trial program is none other than Hello Engineer, and other titles will be offered soon.


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