Audi A6 Avant 55 TFSI e Quattro: Audi Launches Hybrid Version of Its Station Wagon

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Audi announces the arrival of the A6 Avant 55 TFSI Rechargeable Hybrid, an electric version of its station wagon. Cumulative power reaches 367 horsepower for a 0 to 100 km/h in less than 6 seconds.

After the Plug-in Hybrid version of its A6 Sedan, Audi is now offering the electric motor on its A6 wagon. Called the A6 Avant TFSI e Quattro, it features a 2.0 TFSI engine with 252 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. The electric powertrain is based on a 142-horsepower engine.

The combined power thus reaches 367 horsepower and increases to 500 Nm of torque from 1,250 rpm. 0 to 100 km/h is reached in 5.7 seconds and CO2 emissions will be less than 50 grams per kilometre (between 44 and 48 g/km exactly).


Audi announces that this new engine promises a fuel consumption of 2.1 L / 100 km maximum. With all-electric power, the range reaches 51 kilometres and top speed 135 km/h.

Recharging (which can be managed from the myAudi application) is only compatible with terminals delivering a maximum of 7.4 kW. Count 2h30 for a full charge, announces the manufacturer.

Audi is particularly generous on the standard equipment. The S line bodystyling package, Matrix LED headlights and 19-inch aluminium wheels with sports suspension are standard. Inside, the Virtual Cockpit promises an excellent driving experience and comfort.

The Audi A6 Avant 55 TFSI e Quattro is priced at 71,940 euros in Germany. In France, the price should be slightly higher.

A substantial sum that positions it ahead of the Tesla models. While the Model S and Model X cost much more (over 100,000 euros), the price of an over-equipped Model 3 is close to that of the Audi A6 Avant TFSI.

However, the target is not necessarily the same, since the Model 3 is not a station wagon but a sedan.

In any case, Audi confirms its willingness to invest in more eco-friendly projects. Among other things, the German manufacturer plans to launch five 100% electric models in 2020 (e-Tron range) in addition to its hybrid models.

A new 100% electric small city car, a competitor to the Tesla Model Y, is undoubtedly among its most eagerly awaited models.

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