Apple Mac Pro: The $700 Wheels Are Entitled To Their Unboxing And It’s Crying To Laugh

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The Apple Mac Pro needs wheels to be moved. Wheels sold 700 €. And like all new Apple products, they too are entitled to unboxing from the Youtuber Unbox Therapy. For the best and for laughing.

June 2019, Apple presents the MacPro, a powerful and modular computer available from $5999! A massive aluminum block that weighs no less than 18 kg!

If the brand with the apple had the presence of mind to equip the beast with two handles, it is not necessarily obvious to carry such a load (in case of necessity to move the monster of course).

Only as one says to each problem its solution. In this case, this solution is charged $699. It’s nothing more and nothing less than wheels for your MacPro.

But beware, we’re not allowed to use old shopping cart castors here, no, but real nice aluminium castors with the Apple stamp.

Of course, the Unbox Therapy couldn’t miss such an exciting Unboxing! During a 7 minutes and 45 seconds long video, the video maker carefully unveils the “fantastic” contents of this beautiful Apple box.

Enough joking, all this is obviously just a troll in the true form of Unbox Therapy. We suspect that many spectators share his point of view, and wonder how one can put so much money in four wheels.

Note that Apple charges $400 for the wheels during the initial purchase of the MacPro.

Only, if you prefer to do without them at first and then buy them later, the Cupertino firm will charge you $700 ($400 for wheels and $300 to remove the feet).

There are no small savings, are there? Anyway, this set of wheels for MacPro can perfectly serve as a support for your plants. Imagination is your only limit and that’s a revolution.

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