Android Third Party Apps Can Take Advantage of Material You's Dynamic Colors

Android: Third Party Apps Can Take Advantage of Material You’s Dynamic Colors

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Until now, only Google offered color matching on its applications. Now, the firm allows developers to integrate Monet into their apps.

When Android 12 was unveiled last May, one of the main new features Google highlighted was its new Material You interface and the Monet feature, which automatically adapts the colors of the system and applications to the dominant hues on your wallpaper.

Since this announcement, Google has updated many of its applications so that they are able to adapt to the dominant colors of the system. Nevertheless, the function was until now reserved for Google applications only.

In order to allow a unified system and to push developers to use this Monet feature in turn, Google has finally updated development tools for application developers.

In recent days, the Android Dev Summit was held, an opportunity for Google to address Android developers.

During this event, the firm announced the availability of Material Design 3 within Jetpack Compose, Google’s development tool for Android applications.

This will allow developers to integrate the new Material You interface into their own applications, as reported by the Android Central site.

Adapted Colors, But Not Only For Google Pixel

Remember that, for the time being, only Google Pixel smartphones benefit from the new Monet interface, which automatically adapts the colors of the system and applications to those of the wallpaper.

Nevertheless, this feature should gradually be taken up by other manufacturers. For its part, Samsung has already announced a similar system for its One UI 4 interface with Dynamic Theme.

We can imagine that other manufacturers will also allow applications to adapt to the user’s colors.

Moreover, even if the change of color is not necessarily taken into account on a system, Material You also offers other novelties in terms of colors or shapes.

However, developers will have to get hold of these features to make them available on their applications to the general public.

It is nevertheless an important step to allow everyone a greater customization of the colors of his smartphone.

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