Android 11: Beta Launch On June 3rd And Schedule Adjustment

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The vast majority of companies are affected by delivery delays and have had to delay the launch of their new products planned for 2020.

The technology sector is no exception, as evidenced by the cascade of cancellations at this year’s major Tech shows.

Google’s announcement of the online Beta Lauch Show for June 3 at 11 AM raises fears of a delay in the release of Android 11 scheduled for the second half of the year. On the contrary, Google wants to be reassuring.

The software industry is changing very quickly and is always looking to the future.

The development of Android has a direct impact on the telephony market in terms of the number of partner device manufacturers.

The software developers have been very far-sighted in the development of Android 11 right from the start.

They created a rolling timetable and decided to bring beta 1 and all subsequent steps forward by about a month in order to stay on track for the final release of the product by the third quarter of 2020 at the latest.

The Provisional Schedule is As Follows:

  • Beta 1 will be available June 3rd. This release will include the final SDK and NDK APIs. Google will open Google Play for applications targeting Android 11.
  • Beta 2 will be available in July. Google expects a first stability of the platform with this version.
  • Beta 3 will be available in August and will include candidate versions for final testing.

With significant delays in the release of new technology for the third quarter, Google is organizing to meet these challenges.

The American giant is announcing a fourth preview for developers and has just moved the launch of the Beta 1 version to June 3.

In order to reassure on the respect of the schedule initially planned despite the consequences of COVID-19 in the United States, the company has decided to organize an online event for developers that has been named #Android11: The Beta Launch Show.

YouTube video

This decision is further supported by the publication of more information on the website.

Google will share a number of presentations on features that were initially going to be presented at the Google I/O, such as Jetpack Compose, Android Studio and Google Play-talks.

Google wants to reassure itself about the maintenance of its calendar. The stakes are indeed high given the vital importance of Android 11 for smartphone manufacturer partners, especially in light of the global decline in phone sales.

We will therefore continue to pay close attention to the steps leading up to the release of Android 11.


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