AirPods Are Out of Fashion, Wired Headphones Are Trending Again

AirPods Are Out of Fashion, Wired Headphones Are Trending Again

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On social networks, we observe a strong comeback of wired headphones. Teenagers and young adults are unanimous: AirPods are completely out of fashion.

The latter would indeed give an overworked image of its look, while wired headphones allow to openly display its rejection of the tech culture.

On September 30, 2021, @thedigifairy posted a video on TikTok declaring: “Wired headphones are officially a vintage accessory”. 2 million views later, it’s a true generational phenomenon that is taking place.

On Twitter, the debate is on. 5 years after their arrival on the market, are AirPods totally out of fashion?

For many, the question is no longer relevant. To be fashionable, you have to proudly wear wired headphones.

At the origin of this movement, we find “It girls” like Lily Rose Depp or the Olsen sisters, trend setters whose image is spied by hundreds of Instagram accounts.

Shelby Hull, creator of the @wireditgirls account (“Wired It Girls”) explains, “Wired headphones are an attitude. It’s how you display yourself and move in the world”.

AirPods Are Out, Wired Headphones In

“She’s very well dressed, but it’s like she’s wondering how she got into this designer outfit that’s so cool and so well done,” she continues, talking about Lily Rose Depp.

“It all just kind of fell into place. The wired headphones kind of say the same thing. It’s like saying, ‘I haven’t thought about it, I can’t deal with it right now.

This new fad doesn’t sit well with Apple, which just released the AirPods 3. Indeed, wireless headphones are now the exact opposite of “cool” for the younger generation, as they are too attached to the worlds of finance and tech.

“For a while, you felt like a sellout if you bought AirPods, and I despise tech culture so much that I refused to get them” says Catherine Condit, a 21-year-old student.

On TikTok, Torie Tagliavia humorously sums up the situation, “It’s a good thing wired headphones are in, because I can’t afford AirPods.”

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